My Year in Poetry



If I’m 100% honest, and I always am, I don’t read a great deal of poetry. I’ve always been put off by poetry which is more to do with the awful poems I was made to read and decipher at school, than with the form itself.

I pick up various bits of poetry in places like the London Review of Books, the Quietus books section etc, but I never delve, and OH! what a feeling to delve, into anything beyond this. If you asked me to name a poet I liked, I’d probably blush and pick my nose.

So thus 2015 offers an opportunity to change this. As a budding novelist I see what I can learn from poetry, and I do see poetic elements in my own writing, which like a semantic osmosis filter into my work from some unconscious source. It is this source that I want to nurture and feed, and I’ve set my New Years resolution to read at least 1 poetry book a month, a prudent task, but one I hope to surpass as time goes on.

I will blog my experiences with poetry (#myyearinpoetry) and maybe even post some of the bits I’m inspired to write from my new undertaking. I hope that over time via #myyearinpoetry, kind souls will recommend poets and poetry for me to enjoy.

I have not chosen my first book to read, but I’m going book shopping next week and then I shall make my choice to start my journey….

Watch this space.


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